Web Designs

This first example of a website is one of my earlier projects, and frankly - it needs a lot of work. I include it for a couple reasons: a) it shows some useage of CARP (Contrast, Alignment, Repetition and Proximity) and b) it shows contrast from earlier work to some of my later work.

Family website

The next one is a more recent example, and it is my "side business" of a2z.org. You can see that it is much more appealing. It is also a site which is under construction (if you go to the actual link).

A2Z Business website

In this example I used the same template as the a2z.org website to demonstrate how while very similar in CARP from the first view, the content can change dramatically (this site is a hobby of mine which I have been working on since 1988).

A2Z Business website

This next one is the first draft of this site! I built this one on wix.com - and based on suggestions from my ASU professor, I started over with the site you are accessing now. The primary issue with the original draft is the fact that it was essentially a one-page site which you could scroll the right side of the screen up and down to view -OR- use the menu commands on the left side. The fact that it scrolls the way it does makes it far less appealing to the viewer.

First draft of this web project.

For my next example, this is an "All About Me" project from a course in my Masters program through ASU. It is a YouTube video, and it's "All About Me."