While still running his own gymnastic center in Glendale, Scott bought a computer to do the company books on. After sitting on the desk for six months, he decided to figure out how to use this technology. Scott became self-taught in dBase II and wrote all the software to balance the books and track all the student payments.

Again, still in the Phoenix area, Scott began working on the side with a friend, Mike, who had a computer repair business. Later Scott and Mike would combine forces to host and design websites. Scott is not as active in this today, but still keeps up the partnership with Mike.

MWhile still teaching gymnastics at the Prescott YMCA, Scott created a computer lab for Y members to come in after school and study, plus the daycare at the Y scheduled time in the lab for groups of students to spend an hour in the lab, and it also became part of the summer camps at the Y.

After 7 years with the YMCA, Scott took a jb at Yavapai Regional Medical Center (YRMC) as a Computer Technician. After 17 years with YRMC, the Information Technology department was absorbed by Cerner Corporation (an international electronic health record company) and while still at YRMC, he currently works for Cerner.

Computer Technology