My first career was in gymnastics. It's hard to believe now, but at age 16 I started working for my parents in their gymnastic center for girls. Under them, I was the Head Coach of Vaulting. It was also under my father that I learned the concept of proper progression from one skill to the next. In our programs there were very few injuries, an occaisional accident - which was truly an accident, almost no injuries in over 23 years due to someone trying a skill beyond their capability.

After several years with my parents gym, I took a job at another gym across town to become their Head Coach. Then after some time there, my parents moved to Prescott and I took over their gym in Glendale. After a medical emergency with one of my children, I lost the gym and went to work for the Arizona Sunrays in Paradise Valley where I was in charge of scheduling all classes in the 100,000 square foot facility along with being the Head Boys Coach.

After seven years with the Arizona Sunrays, I moved to Prescott with my family and reopened the Prescott YMCA Gymnastics Program. Within three years we had built the best and biggest YRMC program in the State of Arizona, and toward the end of my time with the YMCA, our teams were starting to WIN against the private clubs around the state.

During my last ten years in gymnastics, I also started working on computers. I built a complete computer lab for the youth at the YMCA from donated computers and would use them for homework, games and projects for YMCA Summer camps. And then I took a job with the local hospital, Yavapai Regional Medical Center (YRMC) as a computer technician to begin career #2.