Picture of gymnasts in action.

Teacher of Gymnastics
Career Number One!
For twenty-three years, Scott taught gymnastics, coached winning teams and ran several programs.

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Picture of a hand touching technology.

Wile still teaching gymnastics, Scott began working on computers and after about ten years of doing both, he switched to the computer field fulltime.

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Picture of school books

Again, while still teaching gymnastics, Scott wanted to make more of himself so started back to Yavapai College in 1992, then on to NAU, ASU and now GCU.

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2013 Scott and Katie and all the kids

This is a really old family page, which needs a lot of work. I include it so you can see an example of a much older design project of mine, compared to the page you are viewing now.

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image - web design

Examples of Web Design, by Scott Windsor.

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After graduating from ASU Scott has moved on to pursue a PhD from GCU!

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